Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Overcoming sanity

It's not crazy when they do it!

Remember “Bush derangement syndrome”? Right-wingers were quick to hurl that charge at anyone who dared criticize the most incompetent administration in American history. They didn't like it when people pointed out that George W. Bush was continuing as president the unbroken line of failure and underachievement he had established as an Air National Guard pilot, oil man, baseball team owner, and state governor. To criticize him was to hate him, they said, and a clear sign of Bush derangement syndrome (BDS).

I did not and do not hate George Bush, although I did despise him and his policies. That's different. It appears, though, that Bush's departure from office has opened the door to a new and more virulent syndrome. I speak, of course, of “Obama derangement syndrome.” Those who suffer from it don't so much suffer from it as wallow in it. The on-line asylum known as Free Republic is the perfect place to see the ODS brigade in gibbering action.
Yes the usurper is truly frightening. I find it difficult to look at him. I am not kidding. I think he has very cold cold dead eyes. He is a back stabber. Smiles at you and then knifes you. He knows exactly what he is doing. His mistake is implementing his plans too quickly. He has shown his hand and even politically unaware people are taking notice. I really can’t stand the sight or sound of him. I avoid him as if he were Satan himself. I need not hear a word he says. It is all lies.

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(Democrats are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.)
Fascinating, isn't it? I remember thinking, every time that I saw Bush's simpering face in the newspaper or on television, how embarrassing it was that he was our nation's chief executive. I considered him a shallow and ignorant man who pandered to the most narrow-minded constituencies in the country. I did not, however, think George W. Bush was evil incarnate—pure malice walking among us in human form. (Dick Cheney has that job covered.)

But the ODS crowd is right up there with the paranoid John Birch Society members of the 1950s and 60s. You know, the loonies who considered Dwight Eisenhower (of all people) to be a “conscious, dedicated agent of the Communist Conspiracy.” Today the inheritors of the wingnut legacy spew their hatred at the new man in the White House, delighting in calling him “Hussein” and spelling his last name with a zero in place of the O. They really think he has a plan to destroy the United States.

The insanity may be just beginning.


Anonymous said...

John Cole made a comment a few weaks ago about what he called "Peak Wingnut" haivng occurred. Everyone laughed at him becasue, having been a wingnut at one time, he misunderstimated them.

And they've gone on to higher heights. (Or lower lows.....it's all a matter of perspective.)

The Birchers seem almost rational in comparison to the ODSers. After all, Ike did build the Interstate highway system (socialism!!!!) and warn us of the very real dangers of the military industrial complex (anti-military!!!).

Mozglubov said...

I wonder if, in some weird and twisted manner, George W. Bush was more cunning than any gave him credit through his association with Dick Cheney. By having such an unscrupulous cad as his second in command, almost every time some denigrates Bush these days there is always a caveat thrown in along the lines of, "At least he wasn't as evil/horrible/terrifying as Cheney". A brilliant manoeuvre for securing his legacy.

Mozglubov said...

Gah, stupid typos I missed... the first sentence should have read "than any gave him credit for..." and the second "almost anytime someone denigrates". Missing one typo is bad enough... two is inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

How poetic that ODS can be pronounced "odious". Because, indeed, these loons are odious.

The Ridger, FCD said...

But LaHaye says Obama can't be the Antichrist, because he won't be an American. Or - wait - is Kenya as "obscure" as Romania?