Thursday, January 15, 2009

No longer with stupid

Going ... going ... gone!

The days dwindle down to a precious few and George W. Bush is nearly out the door. He and his remaining handful of die-hard supporters are spinning like dervishes in their efforts to salvage some shreds of historical respectability for him. It's not easy defending the James A. Buchanan Lifetime Achievement Award for Lousy Presidents. His accomplishments are all like the “most improved” awards they give to lousy high school athletes who no longer mess themselves while on the playing field:

For example, George W. Bush kept us safe (if you don't count 9/11). George Bush made sure Iraq would not have weapons of mass destruction (but found out that they didn't have any). He overhauled the leadership of FEMA (after his original appointees completely screwed up during the Katrina crisis).

What is an unrepentant Bush lover to do with a record like that? It's a difficult task, but Melanie Morgan is eager to give it a try. She lost her talk-show position at KSFO last year, but she still has an outlet for her right-wing opinions at WorldNetDaily. She writes the Hot Talk column (which is an amusing rip-off of KSFO's “Hot Talk 560” slogan). Her January 9 post was a tongue-in-cheek welcome to the new president and a wistful farewell to the departing incumbent:
Ever since Bill Clinton left office—and left the stained blue dress behind – I began reading celebrity gossip magazines for entertainment. I love the tawdry talk, which has been in low supply with the Bush administration.

Let's face it: The Bushes are downright boring. No interns.
Yeah. Boring Bushes. No scandals at all.
So, even though the Bush administration has kept us safe from terrorist attacks since 9/11, I have to admit I love the excitement of the Chicago mob's takeover of the White House. President-elect Barack Obama is rebuilding the Arkansas mafia before our eyes and, just to up the ante, he's giving the keys to the White House to the Chicago Political Machine.

Even before Mrs. Obama decorates the living quarters, scandal is following Obama like stink on a dead skunk.
Good old Melanie. Still nasty after all these years.

I can think of a better way to mark the occasion of Bush's departure. It's time to listen to the tribute composed by the Pet Shop Boys for former British prime minister Tony Blair. I'm with Stupid celebrates the political love affair between the leaders of the U.S. and the U.K. Despite being a man of the moderate left, Blair cozied up to George Bush to such a degree that he was widely dismissed in his own country as Bush's poodle or lap dog. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe clearly agreed. Now that Stupid is departing, we can enjoy the Pet Shop Boys' song with a smile instead of a grimace.


Anonymous said...

Those guys from "Little Britain" crack me up. And it's a great song from PSB too. Nevertheless, I think George Michael really hit it when he criticized the political love affair between Dubya and Blair in the song "Shoot the dog" released in 2002 (6 months before the beginning of the Iraq war). I remember reading at the time (but I don't know if it's true) that this song was never released in the US for obvious reasons. You can see the video here
Good bye Mr. Bush!

Unknown said...

I'm so tired of the "kept us safe" meme. Clinton kept use safe from foreign terrorists after the '93 bombing of the WTC, and he didn't need to rip up the constitution to do it. Just a blowjob every now and then.

Jens Knudsen (Sili) said...

By that same reasoning Carter kept you safe from terrorists.

I really hope you make this work.

On the upside, though, I guess that if you don't, I don't need to worry about saving for my retirement.