Monday, January 12, 2009

The Darwin anti-celebration

They have Answers

Under the selective pressure of the great Year of Darwin, creationists are scrambling to adapt and survive. Answers in Genesis has long pretended to be an educational organization. The first issue of AiG's Answers magazine for 2009 is devoted to “teaching” antievolutionists to withstand the thousand natural shocks they will be subject to while the world celebrates the anniversaries of Charles Darwin (his bicentennial) and The Origin of Species (its sesquicentennial).

Darwin himself peers out at us from the cover of Answers (in the form of a detail from the famous John Collier portrait. Inside the magazine, on p. 6, publisher Dale Mason uncaps his pen to scribble a few thoughts under the title “Year of Darwin Opportunity.” Cute.
You see, 2009 is a huge year for evolutionists. They’ve been preparing for it with all the excitement and energy of Beijing’s Olympic committee. Dubbed “the year of Darwin,” 2009 marks Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his infamous book On the Origin of Species.
Ah, yes, that “infamous” book. Mason can't simply admit that it is one of the greatest works of science of all time. It has to be infamous.
This new year may herald the greatest mockery of the Bible since the Scopes trial “media circus” of 1925. With the world now swimming in anti-God propaganda, the stage is set for evolution to be promoted as never before.

PBS, NPR, BBC, National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, tax-funded schools, nearly every natural history museum, and hundreds of secular periodicals—all these and more are poised to idolize this man, Darwin, whose worldview totally rejects the God of the Bible. The combined dollar value of their campaign to further Darwin’s ideas is staggering.
Actually, I expect there to be rather little mockery of the Bible. I do, however, anticipate quite a bit of mockery of Bible literalists like the pseudoscientists at Answers in Genesis.
Now, it’s late at night, and I have the proofs for this issue laid out before me on my kitchen table. Knowing all the behind-the-scenes obstacles that have nearly derailed this issue, I’m especially delighted with what God has done!
As anyone who has ever published a magazine knows, it takes divine intervention to get it in print. (So how does Skeptical Inquirer ever get done?)
The articles for the special Darwin section contain intriguing stories and facts that set the story straight. Most of us have never heard the real story.

As parents, educators, and influencers within our churches and communities, we all need to read and share the Bible-upholding, God-honoring truths of this issue. Each article is designed to give you the tools necessary to repel the onslaught of misinformation that you are about to experience.

Friend, if “good people [you] do nothing,” 2009 will very likely be a banner year in the recruitment of new believers in the evolution myth.
Did you get that, folks? Mason exhorts “good people” to do things in 2009, which I take to mean he wants creationists to get active. You and I and the rest of the sanely scientific population are therefore not “good.” There you have it: Evolutionists are bad people. I knew it all along!
But there is no limit to what God can do to rescue the misinformed, and revive the faith of Christians who have bought into the idea that compromise is an appropriate response.

Compromise on God’s Word was Darwin’s response. And look where that led us.
Yes. Look where Darwin led us. Let us praise and honor him.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing with us all those pearls of wisdom. I can't wait to start recruiting new believers in the evolution myth.

Zeno said...

Muito obrigado, João, but we are not so much "believers" as we are rational people who have a clue about the scientific method and try not to take things on blind faith. Therefore, we do not so much "believe" in evolution as we "accept" it as the best explanation for the observed facts of nature. By contrast, "God did it" is the absence of explanation -- an excuse for remaining ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right. It's not a matter of belief when you use the scientific method. I was only using the same expression as Mason because I think it's funny how he sees it: as a contest or a race to see who got the most people recruited by the end of 2009.

Interrobang said...

Naturally, of course, AIG doesn't miss a chance to compare people who accept evolution to Communists. (Note the clever and subtle reference to "Beijing's Olympic committee." Aren't we gearing up for the Olympics in Vancouver by now?)

Of course, that's entirely predicated on assuming that the writer at AIG still believes (*giggle snicker*) that the Chinese are actually still Communist, which is one of the more laughable smears-by-association in the piece.

llewelly said...

(So how does Skeptical Inquirer ever get done?)

They get help from Lucifer, of course.