Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's "Hail Mary" pass

Looking for a miracle

Hail, Sarah,
Fair of face,
McCain is with thee.
Vetted art thou amongst women,
And swinging is the state of thy state, Alaska.

Pretty Palin, desperate hope,
Can you make John a winner?
Not by the cast of our vote.



Anonymous said...

Hey, now. I'm (originally) from the only state that actually voted for a tokenist woman candidate on a throwaway ticket the last time it happened. Maybe everyone else will think well of 1984 Demo...

Sorry, I can't keep a straight face through that.

Zeno said...

I wonder if people will recognize the Palin choice as the obvious gimmick that it was with the Ferraro pick in 1984. Did McCain just turn into Mondale?

Jens Knudsen (Sili) said...

Nah - I don't know Mondale, but I still suspect he'd have made a better president than McCain ever could.

And congratulations on the blogoversary. My original comment seem to have gone poof. I prolly mistyped the captcha.

Anonymous said...

I do believe I hear the cadence of another Catholic survivor in that post. Made me laugh, too.

Come on, this is even more of a giant pander than Ferraro's nomination was. Plus, y'know, oil interests. Icky, icky, icky.

Maybe the repubs are making the same wildly inflated estimate of the PUMAs that certain points of the (especially lefty*) blogosphere are. And while I'm bringing half the zoo in this post: That smells like a scapegoat to me.

(*I dunno, I don't spend much time in the right hemisphere.)

The Ridger, FCD said...

What a deeply cynical choice.

And what a sad commentary on the state of the GOP that when looking for a woman candidate they have to settle for one so thoroughly inexperienced and tainted by scandal.

Anonymous said...

I keep expecting McCain to pop out yelling "psych!"

This has got to be a joke.

William said...

But they didn't have to. McCain could've chosen Olympia Snowe, or Kay Bailey Hutchison, for example -- respected national figures. That might be too many senators, though. But even someone like Carly Fiorina, although personally distasteful to me, would've been a more obvious choice, and brought her own variety of "executive experience" to the ticket.

Rather than being about picking a woman, I think this is mainly about picking a far-right candidate who also happens to be a woman.

The Science Pundit said...

Sarah looks nice in that picture you posted there Zeno. See, I do have positive things (or thing) to say about her.