Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nigerians in Iraq

An old scam in a new bottle

I can remember when the Nigerian scam used to arrive in my post office box, not my e-mail. (In fact, I didn't even have e-mail in those days.) Well, there is nothing so robust as a decades-old scam, especially when there are people still willing to fall for it. The Nigerian scam has been reborn! The new version has an especially timely background, because it purports to come from a military man who is trying to smuggle some money out of Iraq. Given the likelihood that wads of cash keep falling out of Halliburton trucks involved in the “reconstruction,” this scam almost seems like it could be true. Iraq is, after all, a pretty scammy place.
From: Sgt W Baker <sgtwb@bellsouth.net>
Reply-To: sgtwb1@yahoo.co.uk
To: <sgtwb@bellsouth.net>
Subject: Hello.....
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 6:53:20 -0400

My name is Sgt William Baker, Jr. I am in the Engineering military unit here in Ba'qubah in Iraq, we have about $10, Million US dollars that we want to move out of the country. My partners and I need a good partner someone we can trust. It is oil money and legal.

We are moving it through diplomatic means, to send it to your house directly or a bank of your choice using diplomatic courier service.The most important thing is that can we trust you?. Once the funds get to you, you take your 15% out and keep our own 85%.

Your own part of this deal is to find a safe place where the funds can be sent to. Our own part is sending it to you. If you are interested I will furnish you with more details. But the whole process is simple and we must keep a low profile at all times.I look forward to your reply and co-operation,You can reach me via email: sgtwb1@yahoo.co.uk

Waiting for your urgent response.

Sgt.William Baker.

Sorry, Sarge! I just happen to be too busy these days. Besides, what would I do with $1.5 million? I'm already making the big bucks as a school teacher! Besides, if I didn't write back to the queen, why should I spend my time on you? Thanks for thinking of me, though.


Anonymous said...

Just got one of these too...and people erally fall for this? There really are some greedy people around!

Anonymous said...

I received this e-mail from this sgt William Baker Military Baqubah
Iraq and called my local television station all over the city I live in. Then I preceeded to look this guy up on Google.com
Beware this is a scam called"Halfway There Nigerians In Iraq". This is the "biggest Scam"
and if others are getting this e-mail like I got report it immediatly to the your local television stations and police to make sure they are aware of it so you or anyone els out there doesn't get pulled into it.Then get it into your Spam e-mail as quickly as possible. Again this is a Scam of Hugh Porportions and should not go any further.