Saturday, May 19, 2007

Truth with a capital T

Accept no substitutes!

I am in the midst of grading exam papers. As a math teacher, I appreciate that I have an easier job of it than my colleagues in most other departments. Professors of English composition tell me that grading term papers is an extremely time-consuming endeavor. Colleagues in political science frequently encounter the full panoply of logical fallacies while reading their students' essays. By comparison, I seem to have the more straightforward task.

This is entirely reasonable, of course, since I'm a math teacher. We deal in unambiguous Truth and its handmaidens, Right and Wrong (with an occasional visit from the perky sidekicks, Clueless and Ludicrous).

I came across this cartoon at Stoat, where William thanks Hank for the tip. Naturally, I thank him, too.


Unknown said...

The comic is XKCD, at

It's very much worth a read for anyone of a science, math, or computer background.

Zeno said...

Thanks for the reference, vietor!