Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Equal time for idiocy

Teach the contradiction

Once again the San Francisco Chronicle's ace cartoonist Don Asmussen is on the job with his Bad Reporter strip. The notorious Creation Museum may not be as cutting edge as its sponsors would have us believe! Today Asmussen investigates the controversy regarding dinosaurs: Did they coexist with human beings? Did the dinosaurs live long enough to wear extinct fashions?

And what's the big deal about science, when myth is more popular? Are cavemen today's perfect pitchmen? Is the Aflac mascot actually one of the Mighty Ducks? Asmussen homes in on the issue:

Meanwhile, it seems only fair that television commercials be given equal time in school with the crazy “theories” of scientists. After all, which are more interesting to today's students? Now that Geico has a persuasive presentation on the life of early man, we can expect more breakthroughs in the near future. We already know that marauding Visigoths actually just wanted to know “What's in your wallet?” and it seems likely that Alexander Graham Bell's famous words were really, “Watson, can you hear me now?”

Science. It's not just for reality anymore.

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