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Water witching for fun and profit

It's divine intervention!

The October 8, 2006, issue of the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine features an article on dowsing by Chronicle staff writer Sam Whiting. It's a one-page profile of a man with a gift from God. Stop me if you've heard this one before.
Dowser Jack Coel seeks, and finds, water the really old-fashioned way

By Sam Whiting

Jack Coel's business card is Tahoe blue and 3-D, as if his name were floating in cool, clear water. Coel, 59, is a dowser who lives in Lake County and covers the Western states with his twin brass angle-rods.

On his definition of dowsing

Using tools to find things. I find water.

On strategy

Underground watercourses come together, they split up, they do what they do. I'm just looking for water, nothing fancy, and I find everything wet that's associated with that watercourse. I find the main flow of it, the channel, and that's what we're drilling for. I drive a stake and flag it.

On tools

They're L-shaped, two of them. I don't use a forked stick. That's simply another tool. You can use coat hangers.

On technique

I hold them nice and firm, just below the bend, one in each hand. I don't white-knuckle it because I do it for too many hours a day. Your hands don't move. When you are over water, the rods will twist in your hands, and they will close. That's a “yes.” When you're not over water, they're open. That's a “no.” It's darn simple.
Yes, very simple. It's the ideomotor effect.
On what causes the rods to move

God. That's it. The physics of it, I couldn't tell you.
God likes to keep busy. When he's not watching the fall of single sparrow, he amuses himself by nudging brass rods. That's how dowsing works: God does it.

Wait a minute! Someone call Seattle! Jack Coel is just one step away from being a distinguished visiting scholar in the Research Fellowship Program at the Discovery Institute.
On inspiration

Like a preacher is called to preach, I was called to locate water. I'd been praying about it because I thought about putting my name on ads but I didn't want a bunch of flak for my family and myself. So I prayed about it and ultimately I was called to do it. At that time I got myself into 34 phone directories in California and Nevada and started guaranteeing locations.

On flow

I do about 400 locations a year. I've done more water well locations than anybody ever has. Ever.
Sounds like proof to me.
On clientele

Anybody who needs a well. Usually they've been drilling dry holes.

On science

I work with hydrologists, biologists, every kind of expensive technology in the world and I outperform them all.
Well, there are some things science was not meant to know.
On success

I was just in Nevada in August. We covered a million acres, with me dousing from the back of a Jeep going about 15 miles an hour. It took three eight-hour days. This was 50 miles out in the desert. They've used satellite imaging, infrared, geologists for 20 years. The first location of mine they drilled they got 4,000 to 6,000 gallons a minute.

On satisfaction at striking it

Everybody does the happy water dance.

On using dousing techniques to find oil

You can.

On why he doesn't

Oil one day is not going to be much value, as they get into other stuff. But you need water.
And God doesn't want him to. I'm sure it's the same reason he doesn't take Randi's million dollars. You wouldn't understand. It's a faith thing. You don't test faith.
On folklore

People think a lot of funny things—it's positive, negative, some electromagnetic thing. It's none of that stuff.

On what it is

Matthew 7:7. If you read it and consider what I'm doing, it comes off the page, the words I was called by—“seek and you shall find.”
People used to think Matt. 7:7 was about salvation. Silly people. It's about dowsing. Isn't sound doctrine fun? (And as long as things are coming off the page at us, look at verse 15 in that same chapter of Matthew: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing.”)
On believing

It's a single-minded search. You don't have to believe in anything. Even if you're a witch, it works.
Just about as well as if you're not a witch. Really!
On fees

I charge $625 per parcel to douse [sic] a property and $25 an hour one-way on the travel.

On skeptics

When you get to 7,800 of anything, you don't have to argue with anybody. Most of what I do is referrals.
See? Data. Suck on that, skeptics! (Oh, you want to see the data? Well, maybe later. And, anyway, don't forget that faith thing.)
On passing the gift along

Anybody can follow me (1-800-787-2128.) I'm not shy about telling people why this works. I'm not here to argue and I can't preach.
Ha! Too late! You already gave the secret away! (God does it when he's not birdwatching.) He should have gotten our money first.

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