Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Halfway There milestone


Earlier this morning, Halfway There experienced its 25,000th visit. While I had expected to reach this milestone during October, the recent congressional sex scandal boosted my blog's hit rate into the stratosphere (speaking relative to my usual level, you understand). The traffic had already been boosted by the recent carnivals, but my post on Foley was picked up by The News Blog (although Steve Gilliard misspelled my pseudonym as “Xeno”) and cited in comments on numerous other blogs. (And no, I was not responsible for posting all of those comments—just some of them.) My favorite comment was by Susan43 on the CourtTV message boards:
I ran across an interesting blog tonight and thought you all might enjoy it too. It's written by a math teacher of all things, but this entry has nothing to do with math.
Yeah, fancy that. Something interesting from a math teacher, “of all things.” No doubt I would have gotten fewer hits from that link if Susan43 hadn't hastened to reassure her readers that my post had no math content. Whew!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

That's funny. Here I was hoping you would notice my inclusion of math, as primitive, flawed and tongue-in-cheek as it might be.

At least I tried.