Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nerd power

Is it the plaid pants?

I see lots of comic strips every day because of my serious newspaper habit (usually three a day). Most of these strips are not written with me in mind. That's okay. I know that I do not epitomize the norm. Perhaps I don't get some of them because I don't see what others see, but how can anyone look at this recent offering by Close to Home and not be deeply disturbed?

The joke is weak, but those two palanquin bearers are strong! Upon what meat do they feed, these bespectacled heroes, that they have grown so great? None of the college administrators at my school could blithely traipse about the campus in pairs, lightly bearing the weight of a family of three as well as a campus tour guide (or is she an admissions officer?). I conservatively estimate the combined weight of the four passengers at approximately 600 pounds. Tossing in another 300 or so for the mass of the canopied palanquin itself, we're looking at almost half a ton.



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Anonymous said...

Well as being half robot grants me super human strength I am in high demand for my rickshaw and palanquin pulling/carrying services.