Saturday, March 10, 2007

Where in the world is D. James Kennedy?

An undisclosed location in Michigan

Last weekend was the occasion for a stellar gathering in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Coral Ridge Ministries hosted its annual Reclaiming America for Christ conference. The speakers included the noisy and noisome Ann Coulter, the well-known faux Christian, as well as Phyllis Schlafly, one of those Ladies Against Women types (except that Phyllis isn't in on the joke).

One person, however, was notable by his absence. James D. Davis, religion editor of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, had the story:
The conference went on despite the absence of its founder, the Rev. D. James Kennedy, who has been sidelined since a cardiac arrest Dec. 28.

Kennedy was flown Thursday afternoon to a hospital in Michigan for further rehabilitation, Coral Ridge officials reported.
Apparently it is difficult to obtain physical therapy in south Florida, requiring that Kennedy be hauled off to an undisclosed location in the Great Lakes State. And when I say “undisclosed,” I mean it. Even young Brian Fisher, the new baby-faced spokesperson for Coral Ridge Ministries says he's in the dark:
“The main guy isn't here, but the main guy's purpose is instilled in all of us,” Brian Fisher, executive vice president of Coral Ridge Ministries, said in an interview. He said he didn't know to which hospital in Michigan Kennedy was transferred.

Conference participants echoed Fisher's remarks, saying they were glad Kennedy was getting more treatment.

“He's an awesome man, and he has good people working with him,” said Jackie Hodges, a product director with a bank card company in Benicia, Calif. “I'm confident he'll return. Meanwhile, maybe he'll have some time alone with God.”
And, presumably, with some doctors and physical therapists. As PZ Myers noted in a post last month, Kennedy's minions are quick to beat their breasts and give credit to God and their prayers for preserving their leader's health (such as it is), but seldom have a thought for the physicians and other health professionals who saved his life.

Let's give young Mr. Fisher the last word (which he appears likely to have for quite some time, now that Kennedy is safely out of the way). This is from a statement dated March 2 on the Coral Ridge website:
Coral Ridge Ministries is so grateful for your prayers, well-wishes, and encouragement!

Dr. Kennedy has been transferred to a rehabilitation hospital in Michigan where he will continue to receive therapy. Although we are expecting a long recovery period, your prayers are a source of great encouragement to him and his family.

Dr. Kennedy suffered a heart arrhythmia leading to cardiac arrest on Thursday, December 28. On Wednesday, January 3 he underwent a procedure to implant a pacemaker/defibrillator.

We are committed to updating this website as events warrant. The length of time between updates is simply a reflection that Dr. Kennedy’s progress is steady, yet without remarkable incident (as is common in these types of recoveries).
Amen, and all that.

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