Saturday, March 03, 2007

Crouching Columnist, Hidden Agenda

Time to blame some more victims

New York Daily News columnist Stanley Crouch has decided to offer his own analysis of Tim Hardaway's egregious “I hate gay people” comments. Crouch calls for us to be more understanding—of Hardaway.
[I]t would be less than sensible to avoid trying to understand where Hardaway's opinions came from and where the attitudes that one can hear from Latin guys about homosexuals also come from. (I would also suggest that part of the problem is the result of the homosexual community being largely silent on certain issues.)


Far more than a few assume that the tales of pedophilia that almost brought down the Catholic Church in this nation describe a norm among homosexuals. I think that we have not had much serious discussion of these heinous acts in or out of prison because few homosexual activists have found it necessary to make clear that the conventional—and dominant—homosexual morality is built upon consenting adults, not rape and not pedophilia.

It seems to me that until homosexual activists clear this misunderstanding up, we will continue to have to deal with the physical attacks on homosexuals and the idea that homosexuals form a threat to the community in one way or another.
Yes, indeed, I think we can all agree in a loving way that innocents like Tim Hardaway will continue to hate gay people as long as homosexual activists keep refusing to announce that they don't want to rape children. We've all noticed how civil rights legislation being pushed by gay activists refers to things like marriage and nondiscrimination. When will they ever learn that they need to include disavowals of any inclination toward sexual predation of minors?

What did Congressman Barney Frank say when the Supreme Court issued the Lawrence decision to overturn the sodomy statutes in the state of Texas? He said, “The decision by the Supreme Court to protect the privacy rights of all Americans by striking down state laws which seek to criminalize the private consenting sexual behavior of adults marks an important milestone in the protection of individual liberty in our country.” Sure, he mentioned “adults,” but he failed to say “and not children”!

It's really all the fault of the gay activists. And because of that, people like Tim Hardaway are made to suffer.

Thanks for pointing this out, Stanley! You could, however, have strengthened your argument by noting that the progress of civil rights for African Americans was based on constant reminders by Martin Luther King, Jr., and others that black people are not lazy and shiftless. Except for poor Rosa Parks, who was too tired to get up and move to the back of the bus, everyone agreed that the way to beat foolish stereotypes is to call attention to them constantly.


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