Friday, March 09, 2007

A ringing endorsement

And that's the word

Stephen Colbert took a moment during the Wørd segment of his Comedy Central show to salute this humble blog. I was, of course, both startled and abashed by this unsought accolade from The Colbert Report. My pleasure was heightened by Colbert's show of impatience and asperity, indicated by the inclusion of the word “Already” in his screen graphic. That's right, folks, go visit this exceedingly superior blog already! I could not, however, quite figure out why Colbert chose to reveal his support of my modest efforts during his stirring defense of the military's “don't ask, don't tell” policy. I suppose I could inquire, but I doubt that he would reveal anything.

Since this unsolicited plug was issued without prior arrangement or warning, I can merely speculate as to Colbert's reasons. It seems likely that he recognized Halfway There's stunning and unrelenting patriotism, as well as its elegant prose. We will strive to remain worthy of the great man's trust and confidence. At the very least, we will certainly continue to support our beloved president with a vigor and sincerity equal to Colbert's own.

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