Friday, March 09, 2007

The old man and the squid

Happy birthday to PZ!

It finally happened. PZ Myers has turned 50. In celebration of his attainment of the half-century mark, PZ's friends, acolytes, and minions are showering him with propitiatory poetry. The celebration is going on over at PZ's Pharyngula. Some of the poetry is pretty bad, of course. In that spirit, I offer the following:
There was a squid lover named Paul,
Whose obsession made others' flesh crawl.
“The spineless,” he said, “dance about in my head.
To their tentacles I surrender my all!”


Tom Foss said...

I had "there once was a heathen named Paul" and "but he loved the squids most of all" before I gave up on that rhyme scheme. Great minds think alike, though.

Zeno said...

How's this, Tom?

There once was a heathen named Paul
Who adored the great squids most of all.
Invertebrates, see, are the delight of PZ,
He worships them, suckers and all.