Sunday, January 07, 2007

The search for Spocko's Brain

He's back! And he's not alone!

Blog warrior and scourge of right-wing radio, Spocko is back on-line. Spocko's Brain has been resuscitated and is once again the logical command center of the siege against KSFO, the hate radio affiliate of ABC/Disney.

Spocko's story has electrified the blogosphere ever since ABC/Disney obtained a cease & desist order to shut down his original site. The accusation? While alleging that Spocko's use of audio clips from KSFO broadcast violated the company's copyright (although it was readily defensible as “fair use”), the real problem was that Spocko was sharing with KSFO's advertisers the actual content of the programs being supported by their advertising dollars. Once the advertisers heard the venom and bile spewing from KSFO's talk show hosts, they began to pull their spots. Given the contempt that KSFO expresses for its advertisers, it's a wonder that it took so long.

If you're not up to speed on this story, the most efficient way to get a grasp on the whole thing is to listen to an animated compilation of highlights from the KSFO clip files, posted at YouTube by upwithfairuse. Then you'll know just how egregiously KSFO panders to eliminationist extremists. Now go visit Spocko's Brain and join the good guys.

Posted by upwithfairuse at YouTube:


eProf2 said...

I've asked my friends over at Crawford's List to read your entry today and on last Thursday. Craig Crawford is the author of "Attack the Messenger," and if this story doesn't fit his theme nothing does. I'm hopeful my comment over there will stir up the pot too.

Zeno said...

Thanks, eprof2!

Anonymous said...


Unlike Eprof2, I don't have any high-powered to refer this to. Nevertheless, I appreciate you lending your voice to the issue.