Friday, January 12, 2007

Lee Rodgers shows his expertise

My ears hurt

Listening to two hours of the Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan Show on KSFO is more than any sane person should endure, but today is the day of their special act of desperation, the “no-holds-barred broadcast” intended to answer their critics. Since I'll be at work and unable to listen to Rodgers and Morgan attack the liberal bloggers who called them to account for their on-air hate speech, I decided I'd catch some of their regular drive-time show. Rodgers was in fine form.

Attacking liberal bloggers as “lying bastards” for supposedly taking audio clips “out of context” (endorsements of torture and summary execution are much more palatable in context, you know), Rodgers opined that we are pathetic creatures who lurk in basements, “playing with themselves.” Sorry, Lee, but speaking only for myself: I don't have a basement and therefore cannot play with myself there. In fact, I prefer the spare bedroom where the computer is. When I play with myself in the computer room, I tend to favor Spider Solitaire, which is pretty cool. (I cannot say what Lee is thinking of when he fantasizes about bloggers playing with themselves.)

Lee was particularly critical of bloggers who use pseudonyms. We're cowards, you see. After delivering that pronouncement, he promptly began to talk about the sad plight of conservatives in the liberal Bay Area, such as right-wing school teachers who fear retaliation and loss of employment if their colleagues were to find out about their political leanings. “I can't give their names, of course,” said Rodgers. Yeah, Lee, they want to remain anonymous, huh? You forgot to call them cowards. (By the way, if they're public school teachers, their support for KSFO is like chickens giving their endorsement to Colonel Sanders. They could be too dumb to be teachers.)

None of that was my favorite moment, however. That came during the 7:00 hour when Rodgers denounced Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney for rescinding his directive allowing state police to turn over illegal immigrants to immigration agents. Rodgers declared that this meant Romney had completely lost credibility with Republicans by this egregious surrender to the pro-immigration lobby. One tiny detail, Lee: Romney is no longer the governor of Massachusetts. Didn't you notice the recent inaugurations of the governors elected last November? We even had one here in California. The governor of Massachusetts is Deval Patrick, and he is the one who rescinded his predecessor's directive. I do, however, agree that Gov. Patrick, a Democrat, has no chance of winning the Republican nomination for president.

Lee Rodgers: the consummate conservative political analyst.

By the way, Rodgers cited Fox News as his source for the item about Romney. Either Fox was wrong (totally possible), Rodgers misread the item (certainly conceivable), or they both screwed up (most likely of all!).

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