Monday, November 13, 2006

We supported our troops

By voting against Bush, that is

An e-mail from a former student popped into my in-box today. He's an officer in the U.S. Army and he's finally made it stateside after a frustrating hitch in Iraq. As noted in an earlier post, he and his troops spent their time babysitting overpaid civilian contractors. Here's the first paragraph of his message:
I have to say I was pleased, a changing of the guard at the national level. Now we just have to see if the Democrats can unscrew what W and the Republicans have done. So far the best thing that has come out of the election was Rummy quitting, or getting fired (whichever it is).
There are voices on the political right who lament that we somehow “betrayed” our men and women in uniform by voting the Democrats into power. They can moan all they want. I prefer to listen to an actual soldier.

Welcome home, kid! I hope your comrades will be joining you soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for listening to somebody who served as opposed to the cry babying coming from a political party. More and more of us are coming back from Iraq and none to happy about what is going on both over there and here at home.

Specialist Sapper

Frederick said...

Yes, thanks for posting this. The voice of those in the Military has been muffled for way to long.

Anonymous said...

Listen to a soldier???? Don't you know you're supposed to listen to those who are too busy with important things to join the military??????? Geeze...