Saturday, September 23, 2006

The stupid little boy

Stupidest in the whole world!

One of my students favored me with this joke, which I greatly enjoyed. Here is my rendering of it:
The Stupidest Little Boy in the Whole World

A man walks into a barbershop for a quick trim. The barber sits him down in the chair and gets to work with his clippers.

“See that kid hanging out in front of the shop?” asks the barber.

The customer looks out the shop window and sees a small boy. “Uh huh.”

“That boy,” continues the barber, “is the stupidest kid in the whole world.”

Not knowing what else to say, the customer says, “Oh?”

“No kidding,” the barber says. “Look, I'll show you.”

The barber waves at the boy and gestures for him to come in. The boy sees the barber and comes into the shop.

“Just get a load of this,” mutters the barber into his customer's ear.

The barber ceremoniously places two quarters in the palm of his left hand and puts a dollar bill in his right. He holds them out toward the boy. “Help yourself,” he says. “One or the other.”

The boy moves closer and examines the barber's offerings. He looks back and forth between the two hands while the barber smirks. Eventually he snatches the two quarters and runs out the door, leaving the dollar bill. The barber turns back to his customer.

“Did you see that? I tell you, the stupidest kid in the whole world!”

When his haircut is finished, the customer pays the barber and steps outside. He sees the little boy further down the block, happily licking an ice cream cone. The man strolls over to the boy.

“Say, kid, why didn't you take the dollar?”

The boy looks the man in the face and says, “Listen, mister. The day I take the dollar bill is the day this game is over!”

So says the stupidest little boy in the whole world.


The Ridger, FCD said...

Wilma Dykeman told that story, with a dime and a nickle back in the days when even a nickle was a pretty good sum.

It remains a good one.

clipping path said...

Beautiful story...