Monday, September 25, 2006

Creation on campus

A future mis-educator

Ken Ham likes to sprinkle testimonial letters throughout his creationist newsletters. The new issue of Answers Update (Vol. 13, No. 9) has a focus on educating children (with the scare headline Evolutionists target children—all about the National Science Foundation) and includes letters on that topic. Prepare to be dismayed:

Creation on campus

“I thank you so much for your ministry. I am a biology education major at Pennsylvania State University. I am surrounded by people who have dedicated their lives to go against what the Bible teaches.

“Your website and publications have been a great encouragement—and help—to me as I talk every day with my professors and peers.

“Praise God for His wonderful work through you all!”

—A. H., Corsica, PA
Does anyone know if Jonathan Wells is taking graduate students for advanced studies in biology?

Of course, we're not just talking about higher education. Heck, if wicked evolutionists can target the children, certainly creationists can take a vigorous crack at it.

A school prayer

“I received a call from Bill at AiG last week. Bill asked if I had any prayer requests for your team. My reply was for continued prayer that Christians with children in public schools will raise children who will see and question false teachings.

“Little did I know that God would reveal His work so quickly!

“On Friday of that week, my 2nd grade daughter said: ‘Mommy, my teacher read us false teaching’ (about evolution forming the first plant). After I praised her for recognizing this and affirmed that God spoke all things into existence out of nothing, she said, ‘But that is what you pray before we go to school—that we will be protected from, and know, false teaching.’

“Thank you for giving me words and information to armor my daughter.”

—S. R., Minnesota
Oh, oh. Look out, PZ, that's in your own backyard! (And my goodness, doesn't that second-grader possess an amazingly sophisticated grasp of sentence structure? It must be the Holy Spirit helping her suck up to Mommy.)

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Elissa - Show & Tell Reviewer said...

I am totally boggled that a creationist would even become a biology major, much less a biology in the heck has this kid made it through the required biology classes? I mean, you can't really have a course about any aspect of biology without at least mentioning evolution.
And where exactly does he/she plan to teach?? I think just about every state includes evolution in its standards, and I know in our area it is a question that comes up in every science teacher interview: how do you plan to teach about evolution, and how will you deal with any conflicts that may arise?