Sunday, November 04, 2007

Do a good deed

May the best blog win

The weird on-line comic strip xkcd is in the running for a 2007 Weblog Award in the Best Comic Strip contest. As of this writing, xkcd is running neck and neck with a remarkably humorless right-wing strip (I know, I know: that's loaded with redundancy). Go do a good deed and click xkcd's button on the Best Comic Strip voting site. In fact, go do it every day. (You can vote every 24 hours.)

And after you've done your good deed of voting for xkcd, please hop over to the Funniest Blog category to show some love for Sadly, No!. It was breezing along with a wide and well-deserved lead until it became the target of a concerted attack by the minions of Free Republic, all stirred up by a rival blogger who finds Sadly, No! too left-wing and unpatriotic (“a VILE leftwing sacreligious site”—yeah, right-wingers don't spell so good) for his tastes (and wants the votes to go to his own unfunny wingnut site). The assault has been working as the bilious Freepers pour their votes into the Funniest Blog poll. Go strike a blow for goodness and decency with a vote for Sadly, No!!

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Anonymous said...

And it looks like Climate Audit won for Best Science Blog. Crap.