Saturday, August 26, 2006

Step on it

Well, that could work

I read very quickly. This is usually an asset, although I have been chided by people who give me humorous birthday cards: “You could at least read it!” “But I did! Why do you think I was laughing?” I guess flicking it open and bursting into laughter was not a credible response in the eyes of those whose reading speed is linked to the dexterity of their lip muscles.

This morning I read Dan Piraro's Bizarro cartoon at a glance, and stopped, bewildered.

Huh? Gas? I immediately thought of three: Nitrous oxide? Ether? Chloroform?

Yes, seems like that ought to work. I am not experienced in child care, but it appears likely that anesthetizing a youngster would cause it to behave very nicely for a while.

Then I took another look at the illustration. Gas? Oh! Gasoline. Now I get it. The mother was driving the baby around for the well-known soporific effect on little ones. And gasoline is very expensive these days. Yes, yes. Quite droll.

I have got to read the comics more slowly.


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, Zeno, I did the *exact same thing.* Of course, I only got up to two gases, but I suppose a Math Professor has more experience putting people to sleep than I...

Anonymous said...

I did the same a math teacher I get a lot of guff from my english teacher friends for not reading every single word. It's the worst when I am doing crossword puzzles.