Monday, March 22, 2010

Treason! Insanity! Really!

The exploding head hour

This morning on San Francisco's KSFO, the Bay Area's one beacon of unbridled right-wing insanity, the 7 o'clock hour began with Brian Sussman's introduction of Sacramento-based political commentator Steve Frank (“the smartest guy in Sacramento”). Sussman asked Frank how he was doing. Frank had a pithy answer:
We will remember December 7th, September 11th, and March 21st as days that will live in infamy for this country.
Nice, huh? Some smart guy from California's state capital thinks that the passage of (nearly) universal health care is comparable to the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor by the empire of Japan and the destruction of New York's World Trade Center by extremist Muslim terrorists. That's “conservative” political analysis for you!

Later in the broadcast, Frank traced the origins of national health care back to the progressive politics of the era of Woodrow Wilson—a hundred-year campaign by liberals. “Glenn Beck is right,” said Frank, alluding to the deranged Fox News broadcaster's obsession with “progressives” and conspiracies.

Whenever someone says that Glenn Beck is correct about something, you know exactly how seriously to take him.

As if his political acumen was not already sufficiently well exposed, Frank then complained that provisions of the health care bill would determine whether or not he would be permitted to eat doughnuts. (Do they also cover cinnamon twists and maple bars? America has a right to know!)

Yes, it was an hour of exploding heads on KSFO this morning. Though, now that I come to think of it, perhaps it was really the imploding head hour. When you have that much hard vacuum where the brains should be, catastrophic collapse is only a matter of time.

Will it be covered by the new health care plan?


William said...

I think most of us would freely admit that this has been a decades-long struggle. What I don't get is how that makes it a bad thing.

spocko said...

I'm SO glad you posted this. I too listened to this guy and I got depressed at the thought of spending some time transcribing his nonsense and disputing him.

This is the thin that is so frustrating about these people. They go on the show and spout nonsense. Now I could transcribe it and then go back and prove all the places he was wrong, but unlike a newspaper where when someone gets their facts wrong, their is no mechanism for correction. And when he goes into the realm of predictions (as he did later in the show) he is just an alarmist.

The health care system is NOT government run. We do NOT have socialized medicine. If we did we MIGHT have some control. We still have the insurance companies middle men.

But you know that from now on the right will attack everything wrong with the system and blame the government.

I know you didn't catch the morning show, but Sussman really nuts.

Listen to this.

And then later this.

Comparing the passage of a health care bill in the House to a rape room. Way to keep the tone up there Suss.

I'd post this stuff on my blog, but I'm having some problems right now.

By the way did you see how Lee Rodgers was fired? It was over money. My theory that when you lose money they won't keep you around has paid off.

Unlike Fox or the Washington Times, Citadel wants their 'talent' to make the money. The people at Fox know that if you want straight crazy propaganda commercial advertisers don't want to support that. So now Fox is supporting Beck. But Morgan and Rodgers not only embarrassed management, they also lost them money. Bad combination. Sussman is cheaper and he might be kept in place to sop up political advertising.

But I wonder if his more moderate Republicans will embarrass his, "America was Raped" views.

Shared Humanity said...

It seems that the Republican Party is actually slipping into insanity. I remember when there were Republicans that I would vote for.

Charles Percy etc.