Saturday, March 27, 2010

A grave injustice

Postmortem testimony

There is a long and continuing tradition of dead people who refuse to shut up. Joe Gillis (William Holden) is pretty chatty in Sunset Boulevard despite floating face down in a swimming pool. Susie Salmon has a lot to say in The Lovely Bones even though she has been raped and murdered.

You can't keep a good corpse down, so why not let the dead have their day in court? The good folks at TLC have risen{!} to the challenge.
Kevin McDonough

‘Paranormal Court’ takes family feuds into afterlife

TLC ventures into seriously creepy territory with “Paranormal Court” (10 p.m. Saturday).

Robert Hansen, a psychic medium famous among people who believe in psychic mediums, will mediate disputes between family members squabbling over possessions left behind by the deceased.

Hansen goes right to the source and communicates with the “owners” to set
things straight. If it's a hit, we can expect only more superstition and ignorance passing as entertainment on the network formerly known as The Learning Channel.
My psychic powers predict that the sheep will stream in to be shorn and TLC will have a big success. Unless, of course, Robert Hansen keeps telling the suckers that the dearly departed really intended to leave all of their earthly possessions to Hansen's pet cat, with him as trustee.

If only Paranormal Court had been around when my family went at each other's throats over my grandmother's will. It would have added an entirely new dimension of insanity and inanity.


Jens Knudsen (Sili) said...

He's a famous psychic now? That cocaine must really have screwed with his head. Stupid boy.

Brian Lynchehaun said...


I've seen you post that list on several websites over the last while.

Some things concern me: the theory of relativity has nothing to do with Atheism. Why do you keep posting it?

Also: the first video that you have on your site ("Checkmate, Athiests!") is a parody of the Christian arguments. The guy isn't arguing *for* your side, he's pointing out how mindless the arguments are.

Finally: you've got Ray Comfort's banana video on your site. You realise that the banana has been evolved by man to be the way that it is, right?

Anonymous said...

Robert is AMAZING~no one knew about details before I went on this show, we taped for two days and sadly are only on the air for 20 minutes~I only wish people could see the depth of our love between a mother in son in its entirety~Our relationships transcends death~My son gave me the meaning of life that I have no right to expect~I want everyone to know that raw emotion was expelled during this taping~When they speak of the DEAD it appears that souls here on this earth are DEAD because they just do not GET IT!

Anonymous said...

James Randi is gonna tell me no matter who I bring its BULLSHIT! He is a synic and a magician~I know all about Randi, my brother is a well known mentalist who is well acquainted with James Randi and his protege' Banachek. However, there are some psychics who are in earnest about what they do. You have to keep an open mind~

Zeno said...

I have no doubt, Anonymous, that some psychics are entirely in earnest about what they do. While I suspect that most paranormalists are simply con artists, that leaves room for some to be sincere. In a way, though, it doesn't matter. No psychic manages to produce results that merit our attention.

DM said...

Karen said...

Geez, Zeno, you seem to have attracted them this time!

DM said...


Anonymous said...

Dammit, this DM troll is jumping ship to my weblog now.

Interrobang said...

Whoops, it looks as though you've got a D*vid Mabus infestation, Zeno.

The guy's a psychiatric case from Montreal with a particular hate-on for James Randi and PZ Myers.