Thursday, April 15, 2010

G is for Grafton

Men of letters

Over breakfast in Turlock during spring break (hey, where else would you go for breakfast during spring break?), my old college buddy gave me some detailed feedback on the manuscript of my novel. He was kind enough to point out that the character based on me kept getting in the way of the main storyline. (Damn. He's right.)

In addition to talking about my attempt at becoming a writer, my friend and I talked about actual writers (you know, the published kind). It turned out that neither of us had read Sarah Palin's autobiography, although I had riffled through the pages at Mom and Dad's. (Wait a minute: I said “actual” writers. Going Rogue is ghostwritten.) I teased him about his university becoming the notorious venue for Palin's secretly expensive public speaking appearance, but he wasn't particularly embarrassed. The faculty at California State University, Stanislaus, are innocent bystanders when the activities of their institution's president are concerned.

Somehow we wandered onto a new topic. I'm not sure how or why. For whatever, reason, I wondered aloud what Sue Grafton would do when she ran out of letters for her “alphabet series.” (Right now she's on U is for Undertow.) My buddy pointed out that there was no reason for Grafton to abandon the series after penning Z is for Zebra (or whatever). Spreadsheets have taught us that the alphabet need not end, for column Z is succeeded by column AA.

“She could write AA is for Alcoholics,” my friend suggested.

I laughed and got into the spirit of things. I know that Excel says that AB should be next, but I chose a different route.

BB is for Air Rifle,” I said.

CC is for Dosage,” he replied, with a fine metric sense.

We disagreed about DD. Thinking Dungeons & Dragons, I suggested DD is for Nerds, but he riposted that it should be EE is for Nerds (and I imagine that most EE majors would agree). He offered the possibility that DD should stand for lingerie.

I think not.

Anyway, I'm sure that Grafton can make up her own mind. But what do you think?


Laika said...

I can't think of any good ones after EE way up until "JJ is for Dyn-o-mite!"

Anonymous said...

FF is for firefox?

Anonymous said...

FF is for Final Fantasy
GG is for Governor General
HH is for Hitchhiker
II is for Double Vision
JJ is for Tanks (Abrams)
KK is for Two-Thirds of a White Supremacist
LL is for Legis
MM is for Candy
NN is for Network News
OO is for Fireworks (Ooh! Aah!)
PP is for Genitalia
QQ is for Two Desmond Llewelyns
RR is for Union Pacific
SS is for Nazis
TT is for a Couple'a Cuppas
UU is for Two-Thirds of a Proton (two up-quarks)
VV is for Stalagtites
WW is for World War
XX is for Weak Moonshine
YY is for Mutant
ZZ is for Beards

Zeno said...

Clever, Anon!

Eamon Knight said...

LL is for any number of towns in Wales.

Anonymous said...

UU is for Internet (doesn't anyone remember UUNET?)

Porlock Junior said...

Who could forget the Customer Support classic?

Caller: I got this weird file in my e-mail, how do get at the information in it?

Support: You UUDecode it.

Caller: I, I, I, decode it???