Friday, February 16, 2007

Sort of an apology

Stirring it up

Since switching to the new version of Blogger last month, I've started appending labels to the 200+ posts in my archives. Naturally, as is my wont, I've done it almost completely at random, sometimes working on the oldest posts, sometimes the newest. I haven't rewritten anything, although I have fixed a few typos and misspellings as they've come to my attention. Like the narcissist I am, I often find myself rereading my old posts for my own entertainment. Boy, I'll talk about anything, won't I? (Credentials!? We ain't got no credentials. We don't need no credentials! I don't have to show you any stinking credentials!)

In the process of working through the archives and republishing the labeled version of each post, I know I've caused the old stories to pop into blog readers as if they're new. I hope that I'm not inconveniencing any of my regular readers (what? all 20 of you?) by flooding your RSS feeds with old stuff. I've updated nearly half of the articles so far and churning up the back-list will continue for a couple of weeks more, no doubt. Sorry! I'll leaven the flood with the usual handful of new posts each week, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Thanks, folks!


Anonymous said...

Ah, so *that* explains how you were so... prolific this past week. I subscribed to the RSS recently enough (a few months?) that the articles were all new to me. I guess that's one way to get us to go through the archives. Keep up the good work!

michiexile said...

Oh THAT's what's been going on -- I spent at least a week trying to find the delightful "new" posts, and only seeing "Word to your brother" at the top, and so only now get back around to actually stopping by again....