Sunday, April 27, 2008

My fifteen seconds of fame

Included in Expelled

Wikipedia is my favorite source of secondary (or even tertiary) scholarship. It's the collective scrapbook of on-line humanity. As such, it's a difficult place to beat as a starting point for tracking down those odd facts and factoids that you don't have at your fingertips. (I did say “starting point.” I also agree with those colleagues of mine who warn their students not to rely on it as their primary source.) One could rummage around in Wikipedia's attic for hours of enjoyable browsing. I occasionally correct errant spelling and I've contributed more substantially to a couple of articles.

Now, however, a new milestone: Halfway There has become a source, duly cited in the endnotes of Wikipedia's article on Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. I am stunned by the evanescent honor.

My blog is cited in the overview section of Wikipedia's article:
He interviews those claiming to have been victimized, and several scientists who are atheists, selected by the producers to represent those supporting evolution, culminating in an interview with Richard Dawkins.[12]
That [12]? That's me! If we hurry down to the endnotes we can see the citation!
12. ^ a b Halfway There: Expulsion revulsion. interim source until better cite found..
Oh. Not a pretty cite, is it?

Wikipedia is, of course, a moving target. In an earlier incarnation of the Expelled article, the reference to Halfway There was [13]. Soon it will probably vanish entirely. Nevertheless, I will have had my fifteen seconds of fame.


Nick Barrowman said...

I call it fifteen megabytes of fame.

Dana Hunter said...

Oooo, you're famous! Congratulations! Never say Expelled never did anything for you, lol. ;-)

And, if I may point out to the Wikipedia people: there is NO better cite!

dylan said...

wow - that is extremely cool. congrats.