Monday, August 20, 2007

I am Mollyfied

Non sum dignus

PZ Myers, the seer and autarch of Pharyngula, has examined the entrails of his blog's commentary corpus (with, I presume, the assistance of a crack team of scrutineers on loan from the Vatican), and announced the canonical election of two more mere mortals to the Order of the Molly. As the newly named Molly laureate for the month of August, I bow low in stark realization of my unworthiness. Nevertheless, I cannot but mutter “Accepto.”

The Order of the Molly was created by PZ to recognize the best contributors to the comment threads on his blog, as chosen by their peers. It's named in honor of the inimitable Molly Ivins, whose passing impoverished the domain of political commentary. Her folksy voice and penetrating insight served us so well in the past and would be so helpful to us today. Putting her name on the commenter award at Pharyngula is in some ways akin to naming the first-place prize at a high school talent show after Sarah Bernhardt. (Or, for you youngsters, how about Sandra Bernhard?) There is a tiny bit of disproportion between the eponym and the honoree.

But it's a good excuse to haul out Molly's books and get reacquainted with Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She? and other delightful collections of her essays.

It is sweet to get positive feedback from one's own peer group, that motley crew whose members pop in and out of the comment threads at PZ's blog. Thanks to all who pulled the lever for me. I will try to use my new power and prestige responsibly, so there's no need to run screaming for the exits. (They're sealed anyway.)

Don't forget to tip your hat to the estimable Brownian, whom PZ simultaneously announced as the winner of July's Molly. (That belated announcement retroactively gives Brownian a full month's seniority over me in the Order of the Molly, so I guess I must remember to duck my head and pull my forelock in his presence.) Brownian's accolade was moved and numerously seconded by our peers, and I'm sure none of the motion was random.


Ian said...

Congrats on the Molly. I think it's well-deserved.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I followed a link from Pharyngula to your place a year ago and have read via RSS ever since. Keep fightin' the good fight!

eProf2 said...

Well done! And, what a nice gesture to invoke Molly Ivins' memories. We all miss her, that's for sure.

Paul Sunstone said...


PlatoisDerrida said...

A well-deserved honor.