Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who are those guys?

The madding crowd

For many days now, my most popular blog post has been Where's my money? It's my comment on KSFO's resident morning idiot, Brian Sussman, and his ruminations about “millionaire” college professors. (Yeah, we're all wealthy!) According to Sitemeter, the hits keep coming in, creating a significant but perplexing bulge in my visitor count. Sitemeter also informs me that visitors are being directed to Where's my money? by Google's image search, not word search. There are three graphics accompanying the blog post, but I don't know which one people have been seeking out. Do they want a pin-up poster of Brian Sussman? (Seems unlikely.) The graphic of the guy strolling along with a bag of money? The guy with dollar signs in his eyes?

I don't know. And I don't know why, either.

At first I thought the spate of new visitors would quickly abate. A week later, they're still coming. It's a curiosity.


For reasons that only Google could explain (and perhaps not even then), the bag of money graphic at the end of last year's post is what pops up in a list of images that accompanies a search on the word “money.” That's a regular search, not an image search. If you specify an image search, the same image pops up, but this time from a source other than Halfway There. I have no idea how my use of the clip came to rank so high in Google's main search engine, but that is what is currently driving approximately 40% of the visits to this blog. Fame at last! (But not fortune.)


phalacrocorax said...

According to your statistics, people seem to be looking for "bag_of_money.png". Couldn't find out the search terms, though.

Kathie said...

How I long for the good old days when KSFO meant Don Sherwood, Big Al ("Jazzbo") Collins, Jim Lange, Jack Carney, Cal sports announcer Bud Foster, SF Giants play-by-play with Russ Hodges and Lon Simmons, and those superb "Sound of the City" station-ID jingles -- sigh! KSFO was also the first station in the Bay Area to play Bossa Nova when it arrived in the US.

Karen said...

Goodness, Zee, that was almost a year ago! Maybe the topic is interesting in light of the budget cuts that UC and CSU are facing this year.

The CSU budget cuts are particularly worrisome to me, because I've hung around my department long enough for it to become extremely personal. While I'm not taking classes, and would but for a couple of hiccups graduated in August (holdups in committee reviews of my thesis will make me miss the summer deadlines), What Do We Lose matters. Does the department lose all its adjuncts? Does it lose its most recently hired TT faculty? It's a small department -- does it get merged with another one and lose its identity? Can it fill seats with the tuition increases proposed? Will it even have the seats to fill?

Scary times at CSU.

Kathie said...

"ruminations about 'millionaire' college professors"

I wonder what Sussman gets paid for flapping his gums. Let's see, even at an average of a paltry $25K annually for 40 years in a high cost-of-living market like SF... oh, my!

Kathie said...

Re addendum: Parabéns! Now if only Google would do the same for me with "Chocolates" or "Californian" (sigh).

stinger said...

With the photo of Butch and Sundance, you'll probably get a few extra hits on this post from me!

Uncle Glenny said...

Sussman will be heartbroken it wasn't him being searched for.