Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pawlenty of nothing

Eye of the beholder

President Obama's campaign logo has been widely praised for its design sense and iconic effectiveness. Some of the right wing's more crazed conspiracy theorists have gone so far as to speculate on the logo's subliminal power and secret demonic message. Fortunately for these god-fearing Americans, they can take comfort in the right-thinking presidential campaign of the otherwise undistinguished Tim Pawlenty, the former governor of Minnesota who brags about his prudent stewardship and frugal management of the North Star State. It's clear from Pawlenty's recent announcement of his candidacy that he has made a considered decision to write off the votes of the graphics design and art community. In the first place, those voters are probably too inclined to the left to give Pawlenty much appreciation. In the second place, it gave the former governor's 15-year-old daughter a chance to design a presidential campaign logo. I suspect all that white space represents his core constituency. (The tattered-flag element is a nice touch. Prescient and precious.)

Postscript: Joseph Hughes at Northcoast Zeitgeist is the art director at an advertising agency in Ohio. He agrees that Pawlenty's logo is the worst of the current Republican crop. I feel vindicated! (I may not know campaign art, but I know what I don't like.)


Disturbingly Openminded said...

Seven days since post. Zero comments.

I'd say that sums up the enthusiasm for Pawlenty.

(The T-Paw nickname the campaign is trying so hard to inculcate will go over as well as Richard Nixon walking on the beach in his black wingtips.)

Zeno said...

Indeed, DO. Pawlenty is hardly a lightning rod for political commentary. His supporters aren't exactly setting the world on fire and his detractors feel no great need to bestir themselves to aim barbs at the mediocrity from Minnesota. I did, however, expect a pot-shot or two at his campaign graphics, which look like an above-average neighborhood garage sale sign.

As for "T-Paw" -- I expect that to go viral after he lays down an edgy rap-style campaign commercial.