Thursday, August 05, 2010

Nobody here but us tea partiers!

Oh, and the occasional racist

The tatterdemalion ranks of the Tea Party movement want it clearly understood that there is no significant racist component to their political activism. They oppose President Obama because of his policies. That's all. Certainly not his race. (But maybe his secret religion. Or his secret birthplace. Or his secret plan to round up white people and sterilize them.)

That's the take-home message: The Tea Party movement is a patriotic political movement without a scintilla of racism. (And no minorities, for that matter.) Nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than at Free Republic, the Fresno-based on-line locus of Tea Party activism. For example, consider the measured tones of Free Republic's commenters (you have to be a member to comment) on the matter of the First Lady's trip to Spain.
Does not matter where our taxes take her..she will always look like she just walked off the plantation in Georgia or Mississippi.
Heck. That's just classy with a triple-K.

While it's not an official state visit when the First Lady is traveling privately in the absence of the President, no such excursion can avoid its political overtones. In the matter of the trip to Spain, Michelle Obama has been invited by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia to join the royal couple at their summer palace on Majorca. Naturally the White House was pleased to accept the invitation and Mrs. Obama will therefore be an unofficial goodwill ambassador to Spain.

The press photographers have swarmed the First Lady and Free Republic posted a clip. The Freepers tried to keep it positive, of course, with their acute sensitivity to women's fashions:
Re; blk/white one strap dress
This skank is a stain of the history of First Ladies.
She needs to cover up and try to show some dignity befitting her station.
(How soon they forget how much they hated Hillary.)

Did anyone chide the commenter who made the “plantation” remark? My goodness, no!
“Does not matter where our taxes take her..she will always look like she just walked off the plantation in Georgia or Mississippi.”

You nailed it.
The Freepers also had some concerns for Spain.
Spain is a beautiful country.
By being there, Mrs. Obama spoils it.
Everywhere this trash couple goes is stained forever.
“Forever”? Wow. Not even George W. Bush had that power (except, perhaps, for the permanence of the deaths of the victims of his unnecessary wars).

Some press accounts referred to Mrs. Obama as FLOTUS, a fairly well-known acronym for “First Lady of the United States.” When not describing the First Lady as a human stain, playful Freepers occasionally gave her another nickname.
Frankly, I think the WH has kept Sasquatch relatively under wraps. They probably realize that she is a very polarizing figure, not to mention a big mouth, who would likely reveal her blind hatred of white America in an undeniable fashion sooner or later.
“Blind hatred.” Say, let's go look up “projection” in a psych textbook. I'll bet we are in for an amusing surprise!

Later this month Mrs. Obama is hauling the family to the Gulf coast to encourage tourism in a region of Florida relatively unscathed by the BP oil spill, thereby giving a lift to the local economy. I wonder what the denizens of Free Republic will do then, thinking of President Obama's family in the context of oil slicks and tar balls. Why, it almost writes itself! And that's good, too, because idiotic shit-for-brains racists have trouble coming up with original ideas. They prefer to react reflexively with their unevolved lizard brains.

In the meantime, look at this, bully boys! You'll pee your pants when Sasquatch comes to get you!


John Armstrong said...

To the newcomers: you can tell Zeno's upset when he says (not quotes) "shit".

(blogger is still screwing up OpenID authentication...)

Syzygy said...

You keep a tight check on your rage here, Zeno, which lets you speak far more eloquently than those of us who'd see the same comments and be reduced to incoherent bursts of fury.

The most I can say, without resorting to same, is: I don't think it's Mrs. Obama who's going around spoiling countries.

Zeno said...

It's true. You nailed me, John.

Thanks for the kind words, Syzygy. Sometimes I just want to scream, but I think this is better (mostly).

Unknown said...

I teach math at a large community college in northern California


Those who can do, those who can't teach.

Zeno said...

Aw, poor Matt. Did you flunk your math classes?

Those who can't think for themselves quote clichés.

Good going, Matt.

John Armstrong said...

@Matt: Those who can, write; those who can't, write clichés.

(Captche is "mathe")

Taz said...

I doubt Matt has the vaguest notion of what a mathematician does.