Friday, January 22, 2010

The professorial one

PZ does Davis—and so do I

Last night in the university town of Davis, California, I was privileged to meet PZ Myers of Pharyngula fame. Naturally, I am flattered to see that he reported our encounter by describing me as “the professorial Zeno.” Clearly PZ regards me as a peer in the suave and debonair fraternity of pedagogues. That is the way I should take it, right? It wasn't as though he intended to describe me as rumpled and tweedy, right? (One must be careful with one's adjectives.)


I took notes during PZ's presentation and will be writing up the Q&A session that followed his prepared remarks. The Q&A will vary significantly from venue to venue, so I'll be pleased to share the highlights of the Davis speech.

More to come.


Sili said...

Thanks for using the good photo. I think it's far more representative than the London one everyone else uses when calling him a strident firebrand.

Interrobang said...

Holy cow, I think I just overdosed on cuteness from that picture. How adorable!!