Sunday, August 09, 2009

Atheists believe in god?

The Creation “Museum” visit gets noticed

Not all of the right-wingers at Free Republic are creationists. Some of the “Freepers” mixed it up after an item was posted on the visit by PZ Myers and 300 other nonbelievers to Ken Ham's pseudoscientific exposition. As one of them said, “The word museum is in quotes in the title thread with good reason.” A more devout Freeper responded with a biblical quote (of course):
Same old (yawn) debate.

Atheists make a determined choice to disbelieve in God. I've studied their "evidence." It's not evidence. It's mere guesswork.

That said, I guess I'll defer to Solomon: "The fool hath said in his heart, 'There is no God.' They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good." (Ps 14:1)

They're just not very good people and of necessity have chosen to reject God so as not to impede their sinful choices.

Why would we care what any such people think about God?

The truth is, they instinctively know God exists. Why else would they spend so much time trying to convince everyone He does not exist?

16 posted on Sunday, August 09, 2009 6:54:04 AM by LouAvul
What is this, exactly? Proof by contradiction? You say No, so you must mean Yes? (These guys must be great fun on a date.) He says he “studied” the evidence. Does that mean he didn't?

I think it's perfectly all right to mock something that doesn't exist. (Sarah Palin's intellect comes to mind. Or William Kristol's correct predictions.)

One additional little point, though, Mr. Freeper: Solomon does not get credit for the book of Psalms. Believers attribute the psalms to King David, Solomon's licentious father.

Of course, by saying “Solomon” maybe you meant “David.”



Sili said...

To be fair, Solomon was pretty licentious, too.

And you can hardly expect him to quote from Ecclesiastes with its insistence that there's no life but this.

wv: "gloolyal" - the texture of my brain after reading such nonsense

Anonymous said...

Going by their own logic, insisting on disproving (no matter how ineffectually) the existence of people that simply do not recognise any deity proves that such people exist.

Of course the irony would be lost on them. Funny, that.

William said...

"The truth is, they instinctively know God exists."

I really don't.

But, you know, even if I did feel that way -- that wouldn't make it true. And that's one of the great things about being human: intellect can trump instinct.

"Why else would they spend so much time trying to convince everyone He does not exist?"

Mainly because believers are doing everything they can to screw up my country, based on their beliefs.

Zeno said...

Sometimes, when I walk down a darkened hall, my flesh crawls and I get nervous. My physical responses seem to believe in ghosts and goblins, although the logical part of my brain doesn't. Which "knowing" do we credit? I choose the reasoning part of my brain (and I just used the reasoning part of my brain to make the choice {and I just used ... oh, screw it}).

Hey, infinite regress! More (non)proof of God.

Anonymous said...

No, just potentially infinite regress. Only the actual infinite is God.

Mariana Soffer said...

Is everybody crazy? came on that is why those people call themselves like that, they should change their name at lest so then they can coherently agree with god.

I have doubts about creationist meaning the same as beliving that god created tbe universe, I guess I will ask my oracle about it.