Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hasta la vista, pendejo!

Telling more than they know

During the 6 o'clock hour on Friday morning, November 18, the KSFO talk-show hosts had some fun with the news item on the White House shooter. Babbler Brian Sussman and his trusty sidekick, “Officer” Vic, magnanimously agreed that it was important to protect the country's public officials (in stark contrast to their predecessors), but nevertheless found some cause for amusement.
Sussman:The media, though, has to really be bummed out. Because, okay, you look at the story, okay, think of this. He owns guns! All right?

Officer Vic:Yeah.

BS: He's from Idaho!

OV: Ah! That's two. We're getting close!

BS: He's a Christian!

OV: Oh! That's the big golden one right there.

BS: Oh, no, no, no. You really need a fourth one to really make this work.

OV: Yes.

BS: He needs to be white.

OV: Ah!

BS: Damn! His name is Ramiro Ortega Hernandez!

OV: Ah, darn it!

BS: He's Latin!

OV: Arrgh.

BS: We thought we had the perfect whitey. The bad Christian whitey from Idaho, who owned guns.

OV: They could even make him a tea-party guy!

BS: Oh, yes! Oh, we thought we had Idaho Whitey. The gun-owning man who's a Christian, who called Obama the Anti-Christ. But what's his name? What? His name's Ramiro Ortega Hernandez?

OV: Oh, no!

BS: Uh! Okay, wait—

OV: Can we anglicize it like we used to in baseball?

On the surface, of course, Sussman and his sidekick are simply mocking what they perceive as bias in the mainstream media (to which they apparently do not belong, despite being broadcast by a radio station that blankets the greater Bay Area). Without realizing it, though, they are making something else exceedingly clear: People with Hispanic surnames are automatically part of the constituency of the “mainstream” media. KSFO has no truck with such. Sussman and Vic draw the line of demarcation without a moment's hesitation.

And the right wing wonders why the damned Mexicans keep voting for the other guys.


Rhoadan said...

Of course, there's one other thing they're not thinking about. I haven't seen any pictures of the guy, but a Hispanic surname doesn't actually tell you anything about whether the guy's white or not. Haven't these bozos ever seen a form where the list of ethnic backgrounds includes "White, (non-Hispanic)" and "Black (non-Hispanic)" making it clear that the Hispanic part is independent of black vs. white? Those very listings, btw, serve to highlight just how artificial racial divisions are.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rhoadan, don't you know that no matter what that *government* form says, Hispanic folk aren't *really* good honest white folk?

Kathie said...

Rhoadan, both Zeno and I had grandparents and other immigrant relatives born with the types of Portuguese given names -- in my family, e.g., Maria, José, Manuel, Francisco, Carlos -- as well as surnames that Brian Sussman, “Officer” Vic and their patriotic(?) American ilk would definitely consider "Hispanic" (despite these ancestors' indisputable European-ness).

So would they count Zeno and me as Hispanics too?

Karen said...

It wouldn't surprise me if the bozos are so geographically challenged that they think Spain and Portugal are states of Mexico.