Sunday, June 12, 2011

Victory over Google!

I slash my hit rate!

This must be how BP felt after capping the blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. The Google tsunami is over!

For now, anyway.

As I reported in an earlier post, my blog had become the “beneficiary” of a tidal wave of visitors (speaking in relative terms, of course). My hit rate suddenly doubled or even tripled. According to Sitemeter data, as much as 72% of the new visits were to Where's my money?, a snarky observation on the inanities that characterize San  Francisco's KSFO talk radio. It was all Google's fault. People who searched for “money” were being treated to a strip of “Images for money” that included a clip I had used to illustrate my post. That was enough to divert hundreds of people every day to look at an image of a guy carrying an oversized money bag.

Ordinarily, I would be happy to welcome more visitors. In this instance, however, I grew weary of the flood. Sitemeter reports acquired a deadly monotony as the horde of picture-seekers swamped those who had come to Halfway There to read actual words. I could no longer keep track of who came to see what. Last week I took steps.

First I deleted the image from the post in question. Days passed without Google noticing. The deluge continued. Then I made the post unavailable by saving it as a draft. Success! Traffic returned to normal. After a couple of days, I restored the post. The mob was instantly back. The sought-for image was gone, but Google was still lagging. I took the post off-line again and the hit rate dropped accordingly.

A few days ago I felt brave enough to repost the article. It was still without the attractive nuisance of the money-bag illustration, but now it was also missing the stress of Google's regard. The search giant had found another source for Mr. Money-Bag and the stampede was quelled. My victory was complete.

I got rid of over half of my traffic and I'm happy about it. Should I be concerned about this happiness? Oh, oh. Confused now.


Nathan said...

It's okay, Zeno. It's not quantity but quality that matters. Which is why I like the text part of your blog. Thanks!


Gene O'Pedia said...

Maybe I missed the pun/point, but why have you posted the image again?

Oh wait, you're already missing the traffic. Hah!

Zeno said...

Not at all, Gene. The newly posted image is thumbnail size. Not big enough to warrant Google's page 1 regard.

Gene O'Pedia said...

Ohh, and that's why you're the blogger and I'm only the bloggee. I just did a quick search of images at Google, and the money bag guy shows up twice right off, but not at your site. Clever.

Future post on the Web "What ever happened to Zeno? Oh, you mean that blogger who thought he could outsmart Google?"

Disturbingly Openminded said...


You invented a worse mouse trap and the world beat a path from your door?