Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not Ronnie redux

Searching for similarity

John Sidney McCain III has been doing his best in recent weeks to demonstrate his complete befuddlement on the most elementary of issues. Fortunately for him, buddies like Joe Lieberman have been close at hand to gently correct him (in front of the news cameras) whenever he forgets that Al Qaeda is Sunni and therefore not friendly with Shi'ite Iran. The mainstream media have been willing to forgive McCain his faux pas because, well, it isn't like he's a Democrat or anything. In the meantime, however, over-eager Republicans need to keep something in mind:

Just because he's senile doesn't mean that John McCain is Ronald Reagan.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, his wife doesn't even have a good astronomer!

pablito said...

And as the kids say, *SNAP*!

Karen said...

maybe you should make a lesson on weighted percentages the first discussion in all your classes. Find some pithy phrase and get 'em to chant it back at you periodically in subsequent classes, so that it might sink in.

(The instructor who taught me multi-variable integral calculus, at a university far, far away during the age of castles and dragons, used this technique to teach us how to remember the integral over cylindrical and spherical coordinates. It stuck. 30 years later, I can still chant, "RHO squared! Sine PHI! dee RHO! dee PHI! dee THETA!" and actually remember what the damned Greek symbols mean. And except for some recent hydrology classes, I haven't used calculus in ages.)

Anonymous said...

In re pithy phrases: my calculus teacher, when covering the quotient rule for derivatives, had one. He wrote the formula (v du-u dv/v^2) and then went over to close the door. In a stage whisper he pointed out that "Venereal Disease is an Ugly Disease". To this day I can't think of the rule without remembering that phrase, whether I want to or not.